Concept and production:

As per the naturalherbalmart  legal concept describing a requirement that a party be aware of legal process affecting their rights, obligations or duties. It is a notice indicating your opponent that you are preparing to litigate a lawsuit against him in case the so called demand is not fulfilled. A legal notice could be a formal communication to someone or entity informing him that you simply will undertake legal proceedings against him. it’s a step taken before filing a suit, and is supposed to warn the opposite party that legal proceeding is also taken against him/her, if he/she fails to comply with specified condition, for an instance, a legal notice served upon a tenant by a landowner for non-payment of rent typically states that if the tenant fails to pay the prior decided amount by a specified date, the owner can initiate legal proceeding against him.

Legal Notice can be issued by a consumer himself. later if clients wills then legal notice can be issued through Advocate. So in the starting any consumer or person or individual can draft the legal notice or you can say a letter of the notice for your issues.